Leica Camera Trim Reskin

Reskin your camera trim with your preferred leather.

Reskin Services

At Jason&Sherron, we provide a wide selection of premium leather for you to choose from to reskin your Leica camera. The adhesive is already applied at the back of the skin, just stick it on!


Models Available 

  • M2 with self timer

  • M2 w/o self timer

  • M3B

  • M3R
  • MP

  • M4

  • M5

  • M6

  • M7

  • M8

  • M9

  • M240

  • M240-P

  • M246

  • M10

  • M10-P

  • M10-R

  • SL

  • Q

  • Q-P

  • Q2