Roy 665 (1746)


When making custom straps and leather goods, every small little detail counts. Choice in thread is one of those things that make a difference of a great product and a good one.

Our straps and leather works uses Au Chinois waxed linen thread where we assure you with great quality. Our current availability of colors comes in size 532632 and 832.

Please refer to the following details about the thread sizes:

Very Fine 832        0.43mm thread diameter, approx. 375 meters

Fine 632                 0.51mm thread diameter, approx. 285 meters.

Medium 532          0.57mm thread diameter, approx. 250 meters.

Thick 432               0.63mm thread diameter, approx. 200 meters.

Thickest 332          0.77mm thread diameter, approx. 133 meters.

Each are presented on large 50 gram spools (hence length varies by thickness).

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