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    E.g. buckle type/special cutting.

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Be different. Be unique. Complement your timepiece with a pair of straps that sets you apart from the crowd.

JnS specializes in bespoke leather straps for most watch makes, transforming your treasured timepiece that complements your lifestyle, character and defines your individuality.

As with most bespoke items, we need time to turn your dreams into reality. We typically require 2-3 weeks (excluding weekends and public holidays) for each customized pair of straps.

Let our passion turn your dreams into reality.

Just follow these simple steps below:

Image 1.1

Step 1: Enter your watch brand/model.

Step 2: Select square or circle texture.

Step 3: Select your preferred color (different color varies in cost).

Step 4: Select lug width that matches your watch.
Lug width of the extensions on the top and bottom of the watch where the bracelet or strap is attached. Shown on image 1.1.

Image 1.2

Step 5: Select buckle width.
Buckle width of the extensions where the watch buckle is attached to the strap. Shown on image 1.2.

Step 6: Select tail side length.
Tail side length, shown on image 1.3, is the length of the long section.

Image 1.3

Step 7: Select buckle side length.
Buckle side length, shown on image 1.4, is the length of the shorter section.

Step 8: Select pin hole.
Pin hole facilitates for easier bracelet removal to the end user, shown on image 1.5.

Image 1.4

Step 9: Select keeper width.
Keeper helps you to lock your remaining tail strap with your watch, shown on image 1.6.

Step 10: Select your preferred stitch color (different color varies in cost).

Step 11: Select an edge code (different color varies in cost).
It provides a pretty finishing for the side of the strap.

Image 1.5

Step 12: Lastly, padding.
Customer can choose whether or not to have a padding in their strap where it provides a soft touch and dynamic look for the watches.

*Special Request:
E.g. buckle type/special cutting.

Image 1.6